Help Scout Desk Premium WordPress Help Scout Plugin

Join the many WordPress professionals using Help Scout Desk to provide customers with an easy way to create new support tickets and reply to existing tickets from your own WordPress site.


Flexibility built-in

Help Scout Desk is like your WordPress site—easy to customize.

Not just E-Mail Support

Help Scout Desk will add the ability for your customers to create new support tickets & reply without requiring email.

WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, & Easy Digital Downloads Integrations

Customer information from Woo/WPeC/EDD orders will show within the Help Scout conversation.

Thread Tagging

Workflows can be built using the tag your customer selects when creating a new thread.


Allows for multiple attachments when creating and updating threads, with nice previews shown within the thread.

Shortcodes, Filters, and Action Hooks

Help Scout Desk was built with WordPress standards and flexibility in mind.

Conversation Embeds

Embed any conversation into a post/page with a simple shortcode [hsd_thread id="42"].

See Help Scout Desk In Action

At Sprout Apps we use Help Scout to provide awesome support to all of our customers.

Help Scout Desk includes priority support & updates for a full year.

Single Site License     Multi Site License

Reviews and Feedback from awesome developers and designers


Help Scout Desk makes it incredibly simple for customers to submit and manage support tickets without having to hop into their email client. Help Scout Desk also provides us with customer purchase and license details in Help Scout so we can quickly help customers and get back to creating products.
Mike McAlister
Array - Pixel Perfect Themes
Sprout's Help Scout Desk WordPress Plugin allowed us to seamlessly integrate our Help Scout account in to our WordPress website so our members can easily check and update existing tickets and submit new ones. We were able to easily customize it to suit our specific needs and Dan has provided excellent support. Can't ask for more than that!
Scott Carter
Barrel Roll - WordPress Support Developers

The Feature List

Help Scout Desk does a lot & continues to improve.

  • Show your customers support tickets/conversations sent to Help Scout.
  • Allow customers to create support tickets/conversations from your site without requiring them emailing.
  • Allow customers to reply to support tickets/conversations on your site without requiring them emailing a reply.
  • Create multiple support pages with shortcodes assigned to specific HelpScout mailbox ids.
  • Converts gist urls asynchronously to gist embeds.
  • Customize all templates via theme templates (super simple).
  • wp_ajax methods are used pull Help Scout data asynchronously speeding up page loads.
  • NEW Sync customer information automatically with the Help Scout customer record.
  • NEW Customers to select from a list of Help Scout Tags, allowing you to build more workflows.
  • NEW WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, & Easy Digital Downloads integrations show customer purchase history.
  • NEW Allow customers to close their threads.
  • NEW Ability to upload multiple attachments via the Help Scout API.
  • Will not interfere with current Help Scout email workflows.
  • Automatic plugin updates for a year with priority support.
  • Embed a conversation into any post/page with a shortcode.

Help Scout Desk includes priority support & updates for a full year.

Single Site License     Multi Site License

Using EDD, WooCommerce, or WP eCommerce? Sweet!

Help Scout Desk will add customer information to your support thread's sidebar.
Options to resend the purchase receipt (and remove sites from active site licenses for EDD).

EDd Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Can customer/user create a ticket without logging in?

Yes, you can use any form you'd like and forward the emails to your Help Scout account, e.g. forwarding address.

How does it work?

Shortcodes, Help Scout JSON API and AJAX.

All Help Scout Data is pulled from their JSON API in the background. There's no delayed page load while your server runs the request, instead the templates are built in the background and appended to the page when complete.

All shortcode views are easy customizable through template that can be copied to your theme. Just like Sprout Invoices.

If you'd like to know more checkout the documentation.

What are the requirements for Help Scout Desk?

The paid version of Help Scout, the free version doesn't permit API access. Other than that a site running the latest version of WordPress and browsers will need to have javascript enabled to use most of the app.

Do you have a demo of this plugin I can see?

Currently there is no demo of Help Scout. Although we do have a 14-day money back guarantee so you can consider that a 14 day personal demo.

How can I pay?

Our secure payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express and Paypal. We are limited to online payments only, we will not be able to accept a money order, accept checks or receive phone orders.

How long is my HSD license valid for?

One year.

What will the renewal price be?

Renewal prices are not yet set but they will not be more than what you've already paid. They'll likely be much less.

Do I need an active license?

Yes. An active license key is necessary for automatic updates, support and discounted add-ons.

Help Scout Desk includes priority support & updates for a full year.

Single Site License     Multi Site License