About Sprout Apps

The TL;DR Sprout Apps Story

Sprout Apps built a Help Desk integration for WordPress to solve a problem with support maintenance, Help Scout Desk was build in mid-2014 to overcome that problem of customers not having an easy reference point for their support history. In late-2018 we moved Help Scout Desk to it’s own domain — here.

“ɯe” or “me”

Sprout Apps is not a company full of staff, nor is Sprout Venture. At the moment Sprout Apps development, support, and janitorial work is all done by me. Don’t fret, this isn’t some one-off project—I’m committed to Sprout Apps for the long run. I also have plans, as soon as possible (and when necessary), to create a support and development team similar to what we have for other Sprout Venture client projects.


If you want to know more about Sprout Apps get in touch. Twitter is probably your best option but we have a contact form.