Setup – Shortcodes

Shortcodes are used to display the table, conversation view or response form.

helpscout_desk — will show a table showing all tickets/conversations and the single ticket/conversation view. The content is dynamic and based on wether the customer is on overview or the single conversation view


hds_form — provides the conversation/ticket creation form as well as the thread response form. The form is dynamic and knows wether you’re on the single conversation view or the table.



Wrap your success message within this shortcode too.

[hsd_form]Your request has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff. The typical response time is one business day.[/hsd_form]

Each shortcode has the ability to be mailbox specific by using the 
mid attribute.

[helpscout_desk mid=29747]

Here’s a method of only showing the submission form on the conversation view, in case you want the submission form to be on a different page or section of the site.