Tickets not showing

If you’ve submitted a ticket without an error and the ticket history is blank here are some steps to take to help get it working:

If you recently upgrade to the latest Help Scout API please do these before continuing to the next steps:

  • Confirm the API settings are correctly set. Under some circumstances things will look as though these settings are accurate because of the lack of error messaging, however this is the #1 cause.
    • This includes making sure the oAuth app that was created has the correct permissions.
  • Use the Reset Customer IDs option within your Help Scout admin settings.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes for older cache to reset.
  • Proceed to the next steps if the issue persists.

Was the message submitted and added to Help Scout?

NO: If the message was not submitted, confirm your API credentials and mailbox id.


  • Check the assigned “customer” to that newly created message, making sure it was assigned correctly.
    • Cross reference the WordPress user’s email (that submitted the issue) with the customer id that the message is assigned to in Help Scout.
  • Check to make sure the url after submission has “thread_success=1”. If it does not then the conversations cache isn’t being reset.
    • Let us know within your support request if the submission form is on the same WordPress page as the table…it should be.

Are you logged in as a WordPress user?

You should be, otherwise submitted tickets wont have a user to tie with the Help Scout customer.

If this doesn’t help please let us know via support.

Input could not be validated

Input could not be validated This error most likely you have entered the incorrect mailbox id. Review your settings and make sure the correct credentials and mailbox id are being used (instructions on how to find the mailbox id are found in the getting started guide).

Troubleshooting: Permalinks Incorrect